Home Again!!!

Well I am on my way! It has been more than two months since I left the east coast in October and I am excited to get back! Mostly to see my pups…IMG_0011

Besides that though, I am obviously psyched to see my family and friends again. Christmas is the one time of year the entire Marshall clan comes together for a few days in Vermont and it is always great to spend some quality time with the siblings. Even if they do eat all the cookies Chelsea bakes especially for me… Hands off Jesse!!!


It will be great to get home but I will miss everyone out here to say the least. These past couple months have been incredible and my time here has been enriched a thousand times over from the company that I’ve kept. I made plenty of new memories with my new teammates and friends and I look forward to the day when I see them all again. (Somewhere nearing the end of January.)


For now though I am putting all of that out of my mind and gearing up for a great holiday! My body is beat down, bloodied, and bruised. After 11 races in two countries spanning a total of 15 days, I think I’ve deserved some R&R. It has been a great start to the season and I look forward to the new year and some great results! Thanks for checking in everybody, have a wonderful Christmas.


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