Prep Period, DONE!

Hey everyone, The Rednecks are hard at work out here in Colorado. While it seems like we have been getting storms bringing in fresh snow every couple of days the snow surface has remained remarkably good at our training venues. I myself have been bouncing around between Loveland, Copper, and Vail. As is always the [...]

First week of Colorado

I've been out here in Colorado; the mecca for all things alpine racing this time of season, for about a week now. After spending a few days tinkering with my equipment I am finally starting to make some solid progress. I have mostly just been focused on the SL side of things so far, but look [...]

Here we go!

It is October 18th and in just under a week I will be leaving for Colorado to really get this season started. I apologize for my silence recently, and I promise as this season gets underway there will be a constant stream of updates. So lets get this thing started off shall we, with pictures, videos, [...]

Next on the docket… NORAMS!

Training has been awesome these past two weeks. The snow has been great and the skiing is starting to feel better and better. I'm starting to feel some real speed in slalom. Even though it is still a  little chaotic, I like where it is going! Here I am yesterday channeling my inner Henrik Kristoffersen. I've [...]