Skiing Galore!

Alllllready then! We took a day off today. Which was a pretty good call I think since yesterday was my 7th day on snow. We had another day of GS and I had, wait for it… 10 runs in the course! Which to you non-ski racers out there might not sound like much but with high intensity timed runs, it can take it out of you. (Pretty sure I haven’t done that many runs in a single training day in 10 years. Hahah)

I have time to make up though, for being off snow all summer! I am so amped to be on the hill again working on getting faster. Which seems to be working considering my last timed run (run 9) was my fastest of the day. Crushing! We also had Warner Nickerson join us for the day which is always an incredibly entertaining time. Great training with you buddy!

As always, a couple of my runs from the day. Slowly getting better, some of that magic returned to me on the hill yesterday. Starting to feel good out there!

Giant-Slalom, Second Day, Upper Section from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Giant-Slalom, Second Day, Lower Section from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Anywho, back at it tomorrow with some more GS on the newly prepped, injected hill! (“Injected” means they literally pump water into the snow to make the hill a vertical ice rink.) Which can either make you feel like a World Cupper for a few runs or Bambi on ice for the whole day. Hopefully it will be the former but it’s always good to be mentally prepared for the latter. You know, just so you don’t start throwing shit after you slide by the 4th gate on your first run, contemplating how bad the rest of the day will go with edges that apparently aren’t sharp enough.

On that bright note, I will leave you. (Don’t worry, I am actually totally psyched for a great training surface.) Let’s make it 11 runs tomorrow!


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