Thoughts on January

Alright, I am going to be honest with you guys. January was not the most stellar month for me. As far as racing went, it felt like a divine power was just reaching down and adding a second or two to the clock every time I finished a run. Rewind to November and December where [...]

The Secret to Winning

I believe there is a point in ski racing where there is a subtle shift between technical/tactical maturity and mental attitude. It is the point where you reach great potential in your technical aspect of skiing, when in racing, the reason for your improved results comes not from a good line or solid pole plant, [...]

Thanksgiving and Races!

Happy belated thanksgiving everyone! I hope it was happy, and great, and spent with family and friends! I myself headed to Steamboat with Tyler to have an awesome dinner with the Theis family. Much appreciated to you guys, it was great getting away for a few days and relaxing at your place. And of course, the [...]

Not too Shabby!

The magic I've been looking for in GS has finally returned. Today was pretty awesome and I was skiing really well. Mark Engel joined us today which was also awesome, ripping around with that guy for the first time in two years! (He was out last season due to injury.) Great having you buddy! I've [...]

And the Magic Returns!

Quick post here because I am EXHAUSTED! Just got back from celebrating my brother, Cody's, birthday. I will not disclose what year we are celebrating because it is a sensitive subject but Happy Birthday brother! Anyway, today we jumped back into some slalom. Totally psyched on that. We ran full length, down the Nor-Am hill [...]