35M GS!

Another late night post here! The last few days saw me skiing some killer GS as well as trying out the new 35 meter ski! Honestly, wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. If the snow is hard, and money, it is actually really fun to get after it on. If the [...]

Back to SL

Another day, another dollar. We jumped back into SL today after a productive paneled-slalom day yesterday, and a pretty mediocre day of GS before that on the injected. (That stuff is hard!) Here is a run from that day, happy to say I did not slide past the fourth gate cussing. 3rd Day GS, Injected [...]

Skiing Galore!

Alllllready then! We took a day off today. Which was a pretty good call I think since yesterday was my 7th day on snow. We had another day of GS and I had, wait for it... 10 runs in the course! Which to you non-ski racers out there might not sound like much but with [...]