Cold Weather and Hot Slalom

Hey All,

Little late night update here. We hammered out another session of SL today. I am starting to feel pretty freaking solid which is great. Right now just focusing on taking it out a bit more so I can have that early pressure on the top of the turn and not hammering below, as well as keeping my skis GLUED to the snow! Which is when I get into the most trouble if I am catching some sweet air in-between my turns… but other than that I am not “dragging knucks” (usually) anymore which may not look as cool but for me, very positive since last year all my right footed turns would see me dropping my inside hand which more times than not, got me into trouble. (Even if I got some seriously sweet pics from time to time…)

Photo Credit, Cory Ransom


Today was sweet though. Hammered out an easy 4 runs on a full length course. It was SUPER freaking cold though. As I was getting ready in the lodge this morning I saw my friend, Amanda McDonald come storming in after the early morning session, (7-10AM). Before even acknowledging me she had a small little episode of getting her boots off which were frozen solid. The look of pain and anguish, followed up by the look of relative relief as she cast off her black boots of death and clutched her deathly white toes quickly after removing her snowy ski socks had me really, super super amped to get out there and ski. But all in all, it ended up being a pretty great day of training, even if I did get those same white toes by the end of it…

(Just want to point out, Amanda would have put me to shame had I gotten a pic of her frostbite)

Here is some proof I am no longer dragging knucks by the way.

Day 6 Slalom from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Thats about it. Back on the GS boards tomorrow and I have decided to jump on the new 35 meter radius skis for a few runs. Should be rather exciting/sketchy! Oh yeah, new edit sometime this week as well. Check back in!


PS- If you are unfamiliar with what I meant by “the new 35 meter radius skis” check out Warner’s video on them.

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