35M GS!

Another late night post here! The last few days saw me skiing some killer GS as well as trying out the new 35 meter ski! Honestly, wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. If the snow is hard, and money, it is actually really fun to get after it on. If the conditions are soft however… well then you don’t really stand a shot on the longer boards but there is some serious potential there. I only have two days on them but I am excited to keep on figuring it out for next season. Don’t think I will be rushing into the races on them this season however. 

We had a day off today, so Tyler Theis and I crushed it in the gym for a couple hours yesterday which felt great since I haven’t pushed my body that hard since I’ve been here. Feels good to work hard in the gym again. I’ll hit the pool tomorrow morning for workout and then in the afternoon we are jumping into some full length, timed slalom! Which I am pretty psyched about. My GS has been coming along nicely but I am kind of amped on SL right now since its come back to me much more magically than GS has. We will have to see how the times stack up though!

For the day off today, I jumped out of bed at 7AM and drove on over to Copper to watch Chels in her first race back since she blew out her knee last winter. She totally sent it. A little tentative but getting back into it which was awesome! Go Chelsea, go! 

Been having an awesome time out here in Colorado so far. I am getting loads of training in and I truly believe this is the best place for me right now. I have been getting plenty of miles on snow which is super important and I am feeling more and more solid on my skis every day. The environment out here in the early season is also second to none. We have all the elite athletes in the skiing world, training within a 30 minute distance of each other and, like today, sometimes come together for some fun and games. After a pool workout I went to the basketball court to see half my team taking on Bode Miller, Thomas Biesemeyer, Robby Kelley, and other national team members, in a pickup game. (I was slightly hurt I wasn’t invited, but whatever.) Hahahah.

Welp, it is about that time I start heading to bed. I’ll leave you with a few videos of me on the 35s…? Possibly. I am working on it! Guaranteed  you will be impressed once I get a handle on them and step on some super solid snow! For now, this will have to do.

35 Meter GS Ski, Day 1 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

35 Meter GS Ski, Day 2 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Alright, those vids were NOT that impressive, but like I said, just wait. I’ll get the hang of them. For now though, it Slalom time! Check back in tomorrow and I’ll post some runs if I am totally ripping… We’ll see. Hope you all are well and enjoying the beginning of winter. Race season is almost here for me! Yeehaw!


PS, have you met my soulmate? Her name is Julia

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