And the Magic Returns!

Quick post here because I am EXHAUSTED! Just got back from celebrating my brother, Cody’s, birthday. I will not disclose what year we are celebrating because it is a sensitive subject but Happy Birthday brother!

Anyway, today we jumped back into some slalom. Totally psyched on that. We ran full length, down the Nor-Am hill which I will be racing on in less than two weeks time. Happy to say I started feeling really really great towards the end there (when not gasping for air) and am really psyched for another session tomorrow. Breaking in new skis, working my technique, and enjoying this awesome Colorado weather we have been having! What can be better?!

Here are some silly pictures from today.

And some video from today. Totally felt like I was ripping, but you be the judge…

Slalom Training, Day 7, Upper Section from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Slalom Training, Day 7, Lower Section from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Obviously some things I still need to work on but I am feeling super solid right now which is a nice feeling coming into race season. I know I can be faster though and thats what I am aiming at this whole week. Just get FASTER! And then, I think we will be in okay shape for the mock World Cup that are the Loveland/Aspen Nor-Ams. Yippie…

Alright, tiered. Sleep. Now. Just FYI people, a new edit is close to being done so get ready for your weekend entertainment!


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