Thanksgiving and Races!

Happy belated thanksgiving everyone! I hope it was happy, and great, and spent with family and friends! I myself headed to Steamboat with Tyler to have an awesome dinner with the Theis family. Much appreciated to you guys, it was great getting away for a few days and relaxing at your place. And of course, the food was amazing. It was my kiwi roommates, Willis Feasey, first thanksgiving EVER! Which was fun, teaching him all of our really, really awesome american traditions.

Steamboat sent us off with a pretty spectacular sunset 

Anywho, after our feast we headed back home to Silverthorne outlets for Black Friday! Which started at 9PM on Thursday. We had quite the crew tearing up the shops and damn, did we all look classy by the end!

This is my fashion stylist/consultant, Paula Moltzan. She picked everything I bought last night which was both a blessing, and a curse. Either way, thanks Paula!

Now lets get down to the SERIOUS stuff! I race tomorrow. First race of the season, with most World Cup athletes on the start list, which is always fun. My start number is 45 and I am totally psyched to get after it! But not overly psyched or amped, because thats bad. I’ll ski how I can ski and no more. There is never any need to do something “extra” on race day. Funny, my coaches have been telling me that for years! Oh, the positives to being an old man like me.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes, glad to be back in the starting gate!



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