Not too Shabby!

The magic I’ve been looking for in GS has finally returned. Today was pretty awesome and I was skiing really well. Mark Engel joined us today which was also awesome, ripping around with that guy for the first time in two years! (He was out last season due to injury.) Great having you buddy!

I’ve been hearing a lot of opinions lately about whether or not I should even train on the new 35 meter radius ski. Some people shake their heads and wonder what I am thinking while others think it is a great training tool. I had a little laugh today when Mark brought up his Super-G boards to warm up on before jumping on the new GS ski. Hahaha, now thats taking it to a whole other level. I was exhausted just watching how much energy he put into warm up, making GS radius on 211 skis. Just fantastic.

Anyway, I still brought up the 35s today for a few runs. On average, for me, they are about 4-8 tenths slower then my 27s and I have no intention on racing on them this year. But I certainly don’t feel bad on them and I do not believe it is overly hurting my technique either so I am not too worried currently about negative effects. Here are some runs from today. First, the 27s (time, 35.89). The next two, 35M Radius. (36.26, 36.86)

6th Day, Giant-Slalom, 27M Radius from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Giant-Slalom, 3rd Day on 35M Radius, Run 1 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Giant-Slalom, 3rd Day on 35M Radius, Run 2 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

What do you guys think? Am I skiing alright?! My first race is less than a week away…

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