World Cup, Staches, and Star Names!

Hello All,

It’s been a while since my last post about competitiveness. Which turned out to be a pretty confrontational subject! Weigh in if you’d like. Anyway, I’ve been doing what I do. Skiing. After the Nor-Ams we had a day off, then a couple days on Super-G skis and another day on GS. After that, another day off, which I sorely needed. My body did not fully recover from the races so I was feeling a bit haggard, and when you feel that way it is hard not to seem like you are working against the grain. And lets be honest, things never work out very well when you are going against the grain!

For our day off a couple days ago, we went and spectated the mens World Cup Giant-Slalom in Beaver Creek! It is always a blast going to watch the best in the world, dreaming of a day when I myself will get to pit myself against them in the same setting. All my siblings have, it will be my turn one of these days!
photo 2

Ted won. By a lot. Again. Fun to watch live and a good vision of what my skiing should be like. What everyone should ski like.

On a sadder note… It is the end of Movember and my very thick, and full, beard had to go. I don’t really recognize myself in the mirror as of yet, and people say I look like an 8 year old boy which is unfortunate. Thanks to all who voted “Absofreakinglutely” in my Mexi Stache poll. At final count, we had 104 votes yes, 6 votes for “not a chance”. And 16 votes for “I could care less”. What a great 1

Currently I am back into GS training at Loveland. Most of the group is doing Downhill training runs at Copper to get ready for the DH races at the end of this week. Considering my DH points are no longer sub 300 I opted out of those races and will join back in when SG Nor-Ams get going on the 8th and 9th. Until then, I continue to work on my “flow” in GS. I feel like its coming along really well since Aspen and I’m amped to get up to Panorama, Canada leaving on the 10th!

Star names joining us for GS training this week are Jon Olsson, and the great Ben Griffin! It is always great meeting new people who share in the same passion  as yours. It been fun, and another great day on the agenda for today!! I’ll be sure the post video when I have it.

Cheers ears,


PS- Who misses summer???

Old Crow Medicine Show, Wagon Wheel. Summer 2012 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

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