Almost Winning

Alright, so this would have been a really sweet post but Jon Olsson kind of ruined that. Let me explain.

As you all know, (or those of you who actually read my blog), this week me and three of my teammates have been joined by Ben Griffin, Warner Nickerson, and Jon for a few days of GS training. Totally killer, its been fun ripping around with them. Anyway, today I took the leading time with a 31.50 with Jon 9 hundredths behind, and Warner just trailing him. We had a few more runs where I fell inside and Jon was messing around with his skis. Thought I was holding onto that fastest time and was already writing the sweet update in my head.

I guess Jon wasn’t totally psyched with a 22 point GS skier beating him. He lost what clothes he still had on and after his run, yelled to me if I had improved on my .50, as I passed him on the chairlift. “Nope, what was yours that run?” 31.46. Dammit! Last run of the day and my already epic post dwindled from “winning” to “almost winning.” Ah well.

For the most part in GS I have been focusing on getting that “flow” from turn to turn as well as keeping on my downhill ski. Looking back on the videos of Aspen I have a nasty tendency of getting back and inside when things get rough. That combination = not sweet. I’ve been focusing hard these past few days and feel like I have made some huge strides.

As Jon said at the finish today after he scoffed at my 22 point FIS profile, “You don’t ski those points. Those will drop soon.” Yes they will, my friend. Yes they will!


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