Ohhh Canada!

Whelp, I made it to Canada!

After the Super-G Nor-Ams at Copper I packed up my things and headed on up for the next slotted races in Panorama, Canada. Now, flying these days is not the cheapest option as it turns out so I hitched a ride with Burke Mountain Academy and co-piloted Trevor Leafe who is also an old guy like me. Except he graduated from Dartmouth and I… well not so much.

We got a bit of a late start on the driving, (we left around 5PM from Silverthorne Colorado), so the decision was made to keep on going through the night instead of stopping at a hotel to sleep. Eventually, at 4:30AM, we had to stop and take a bit of a nap after the rumble strips weren’t really cutting it at keeping us awake. We had made it nearly 12 hours in one stretch. Not so bad.

We got a call at 6AM from our fellow caravaner from Burke, Kraige Sourbeer, and we hit the road again. Which was probably a good thing because the frost bite was setting in. Have you ever slept in your car in the dead of winter? Turns out it is not the sweetest thing! Our morning was spiced up with a little excitement as Kriage saw some headlights on the horizon when he was passing someone. The thing was, we were driving on an INTERSTATE and this guy apparently missed that memo that interstates are generally “One Way”. He was driving full speed in the opposite direction, fully oblivious. Kraige luckily swerved into the other lane in time to let this driver continue on his merry way. Other than that the trip was pretty uneventful which was okay by me.

We made it to our destination around 5PM that day with around 22 hours of driving under our belt. Well, I should say under Trevor’s belt. He drove the whole way! Which was incredible, and I got some really great naps in there. Thanks buddy!

Slalom tomorrow. I am pretty excited about it. This hill kind of chewed me up last year so I am ready for a rematch. Hopefully I will be starting in seed, (top 15) tomorrow with me Nor-Am points that I collected in Loveland but we shall see. Wish me luck, I am excited to start off a great week of racing!!!




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