Not a bad start up north. Today we had our first Slalom race and the hill didn’t dominate me nearly as much as it did last year. First run was a bit tentative but I am happy with my second run. And me, happy with a run is saying a great deal. I had a few good turns up top and then seriously boned it coming into the pitch nearly missing a few gates which was unfortunate. After that I turned it on and it was without a doubt the best slalom skiing I have done in a race this year which is refreshing. I was only 9 tenths out and am quite sure I would have been close to winning if not for my mistake. Easy to say when you don’t do it, I know. I guess I’ll just have to get that “W” tomorrow!

I find myself not as crazy as I was last year. I always said I “believed” that “it” would come but I am not sure if I ever really did have faith in that. I have always known I am a talented skier but I don’t think I was ever very confident in my racing. After today however, I wasn’t worried. I know I am skiing well and fast, and I can say now I truly do believe. I believe that later on this year, maybe tomorrow, or next month, my results will come. And when they do, oh what a feeling that will be! Until then, its all about “Life. Love. Skiing.”

All the best,

PS- I want to give a special thank you to my very first donators! I will keep the names to myself but it is appreciated beyond measure! As most of you know ski racing is a financial struggle at the best of times and those who help and contribute are never forgotten. Thank you so much!

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  1. almost top ten! Nice work man it looked as though without rubie throwing in that first run you were right in there. Keep it up!

    1. thank you! today was a little bit more rough. put my face into the ground 5 gates before the finish first run. still looking forward to feeling coming back on the left side of my face. oh well…

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