Interviews and Updates

Hey All, Well I've been silent this past week or so but I'll get back into full swing blogging before soon, don't worry! To kick us off again we have a little pre-race interview with the one and only Warner Nickerson! A Moment of Zen with Warner Nickerson from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo. If you [...]

Home Again!!!

Well I am on my way! It has been more than two months since I left the east coast in October and I am excited to get back! Mostly to see my pups... Besides that though, I am obviously psyched to see my family and friends again. Christmas is the one time of year the [...]


Hey guys, quick little update here in Canada. I would love to post some video of my skiing but the internet is so bad here it is a chore just to upload pictures. So where did we leave off? After the first Slalom I think... Well, the second SL was not that awesome. I wasn't [...]


Not a bad start up north. Today we had our first Slalom race and the hill didn't dominate me nearly as much as it did last year. First run was a bit tentative but I am happy with my second run. And me, happy with a run is saying a great deal. I had a [...]

Ohhh Canada!

Whelp, I made it to Canada! After the Super-G Nor-Ams at Copper I packed up my things and headed on up for the next slotted races in Panorama, Canada. Now, flying these days is not the cheapest option as it turns out so I hitched a ride with Burke Mountain Academy and co-piloted Trevor Leafe [...]