Moms are Awesome

As if that statement needs any follow up explanation, I am going to elaborate anyway. Ski racers are many things. We are committed, focused, driven, and resilient certainly! We put in endless hours for not even two minutes of racing. Skiers are an especially devoted group and our mental fortitude is probably some of the [...]

Spring Time

I've been back in Vermont for a couple weeks now. I would update my website more but the fact is, not much goes on in Vermont during this time of year. The days are mostly spent hiking, biking, running, in the gym, or just plain sun bathing, unwinding after a long and exhaustive season. Killington [...]

Back on the Grid!

Well not really. When I say "Back on the Grid", what I mean to say is that I am back home in Vermont. And Vermont, well that is an entirely separate and unique grid in itself. But moving on... I took a break from updating as I am sure all of my 54 loyal followers [...]

Back in the US of A!

There is always something so magical about coming back to the good ol' motherland after traveling abroad. Even if it was only to our french speaking neighbors in eastern Canada for a few days. Well... some might say "especially" in that case. Not me! But some may... Canada was pretty good to me in this case. [...]

The New and Old

Quick update here before I head to bed. I am up north in Canada right now gearing up for the final 8 races for the season, all to be done here in the next 9 days. First let me give you an update on last week. I raced Eastern Cup finals. I got beat by [...]